Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Santa, bring us Boo 1.0

I wish the programming language Boo had a greater momentum and larger user group. I’d love to use it for writing production quality enterprise apps, but I don’t dare. To be frank, even though the authors do an excellent job of adding features and fixing bugs, there’s just substantially fewer hands available, compared to the forces behind C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0.

The ideas behind Boo are fresh and experimenting and they let us do great things with little effort. My hands ache every time I have to transform some collection into another using 10 lines of C# 2.0 when I could have done it using 2 lines of Boo. Getting lambda expressions and extension methods in C# 3 is a step forward, but Boo is already moving further ahead and giving us extension properties and a built-in abstract macro facility that enables us to write in-language DSLs.

Still, the risk of switching to Boo for real world apps is too big, and the tool support is too small at this time. Boo also needs to let me define my own generic types and methods before our relationship can move to the serious phase.

I wish there was some way I could support the authors of the Boo programming language. Money? Don’t have that much. Programming time? My family will leave me if I spend more pc-time.

Instead, here are a couple of words of appreciation: Boo brings the best from the functional style languages and the CLR. It provides ultimate power while still keeping tight focus on simplicity.

In a perfect world… (sigh)


  1. ON AUGUST 17TH, 2007 AT 10:44 PM
    Jebus !

    I quite disagree, Søren.

    I think that Visual-COMAL80 .NET is far better than Boo. The implementation of line numbers and GOTO and GOSUB statements are actually a better way of coding. Who can remember variable names over three chars anyways.

    We all no that the only way to render a stable application is to run it in a single thread. We can alway hardware optimize, in case of problems.

    So, look behind you. You will find the answers in your past. COMAL80 will be the code to know in the future. Yes it will be difficult to change to a text-based OS again, but you will not get the joints in your arms damaged by a mouse.

    5 X=1
    10 GOTO 20
    15 X=X+1
    17 X=X-1
    20 GOTO 10
    30 END

    Isn’t it wonderful ?

  2. ON AUGUST 19TH, 2007 AT 9:00 AM

    Visual Comal80 !!! From now on, consider me a disciple!